8 Signs That You Might Be The Problem In Your Relationship - Not Your Man

People are created to seek love and be happy in a relationship, but 50 percent of marriages end in divorce - and many newly-minted singles begin to wonder what went wrong. Have you ever thought that you can be the problem of your unsuccessful relationship?

It is difficult to recognize your mistakes and your guilt in a relationship. In general it is hard to see what you do wrong. It is much easier to blame a partner and leave without a sense of guilt than to admit that we have established this.

Look through these eight signs that you can be the problem in your relationship and not your man. Perhaps, it is time to change something in your existing relationship or to draw conclusions to crate real great relationship in the future:

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#1. You think that you are always right and always put yourself first in your relationship. Your man and your relationship are not a priority for you. He should feel him significance and importance.

#2. You do not give any efforts to do something in your relationship. You do not show your feelings. You think that your man should do all the work. You want only to get attention and to give nothing back.

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#3. If there are any problems or you have fights you always start to be silent. Try talk to your man. Do no close from him. He deserves to hear your opinion.

#4. You never compromise. If you love him, you should compromise as well as he does this.

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#5. You are always trying to change him. This can become unbearable for any person. You should love him as he is.

#6. You see only his flaws. You criticize him for everything he does wrong, in your opinion. You do not see his dignity.

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#7. Your expectations from him and from your relationship are too high. He can not satisfy them.

#8. You do not see that you can be wrong sometimes. You do not apologize when it is necessary.

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